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Test Automation Platform

AI Powered Test Automation Solution That
Empowers Agile Testing

Web Mobile API Complete Your First Test Automation Script in
For Startup Companies

Ideal for start up companies where go to market with budget is critical for survival

For Enterprise

Ideal for Enterprise as AHQ is highly scalable and supports distributed work environment

For Agile Consultants

Ideal for Agile Consultants as AHQ provides in-sprint test automation capability

Complete Test Automation & Test Management Ecosystem

Test Development

Creating test automation script was never this slick! Define your test structure and create new script, drag and drop test steps from pre defined list.
Provide data and action items, verify your script either on your local machine or on remote server.


Create test suites based on your requirement by simply drag and drop test scripts to test suite. Provide different test configuration and create your virtual test robots “TestBots”. Execute your TestBot on local machine or any remote machines. Schedule your test execution based on time or event like build complete.

Test Reports

Detailed test execution reports with ability to drill down to the test step level where pass or fail results can be reviewed. Detailed log traces and screen capture can help user to quickly identify the root cause. Ability to drill down to test script module for modifying test scripts.

Quality Dashboard

Getting consolidated holistic quality dashboards across organization was never an easy task. AHQ provides dashboards that keeps quality information on your fingertips. Visually stunning dashboard reports with insights at all levels. Testers can review their project level dashboards while Managers can review dashboards at portfolio level. AHQ also provides ROI based dashboards for Executives.

Capable to Handle Various Technologies

AutomationHQ Features At A Glance

AutomationHQ is packed with features that traditionally required a lot of configurations and efforts. We simplified that work so you can focus on our core competencies, improve efficiency, throughput, reduce lead time and cost

Easy to learn & Easy to Use

AutomationHQ test automation framework is not only easy to use but one can simply learn it by watching a 1hr video. Developing test scripts are as easy as writing manual test script in simple English allowing you to replicate test cases.

Scriptless - No Coding Required

No need to create a complicated test automation framework or learn computer programming. Our developers took all complexities & coding on our side so that AHQ user can simply focus on achieving end goal of speed and quality.

Cloud Based - Zero Setup Time

No setup required! AHQ is a cloud based application and all setups are on server, a tester can begin test automation by just signing up and logging in. You will get your first automation script ready in less than 1 hour.

Ready to Use Test Steps

The in-built rich library of 1000+ pre-build test steps provides broad coverage of functions for developing test automation scripts in minute. Users just need to drag and drop and create their own test script.

Supports Data Driven Testing

Most test automation requires running same scripts with multiple test data, AHQ supports data driven testing with in-build test data management framework as well as easy import export of test data from Excel/XML/JSON.

Al based Smart Maintenance

Our patent pending proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm intelligently identify web elements and track changes. This smart self learning algorithm reduce false failure rate and improve accuracy of the test automation results.